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    Mad Pandas – Whitelist

    December 1, 2021 @ 9:00 pm UTC+0

    Event Passed 0.25 SOL

    1st Dec 2021

    21:00 UTC


    0.25 SOL

    The Mad Pandas are on the loose. They’re in search of their most favorite snack, bamboo. Will you help them on their hunt?


    Mad Pandas is a collection of 3000 digital collectibles with unique style living on the Solana Blockchain. Each Mad Panda is algorithmically generated with over 100 combinations. Being an owner of a Mad Panda will grant you special rights and buy having a low supply, the perks are much better and can evenly be shared amongst the Mad Panda community.


    Owning a Mad Panda NFT is your special key that grants you access to exclusive NFT drops, tokens, events and more. After the mint, mad pandas will go to work to produce bamboo tokens that will be distributed over time to Mad Panda owners. This token can be used to buy limited edition 1/1 Mad Pandas and also traded on exchanges.


    As part of our exclusive community, you can share in the rewards by being early. Some of the rewards to be earned are paid in Solana. Everyone is eligible. You can also expect to get the second generation of Mad Pandas as a free drop to all holders. The second series will build on the Mad Panda brand.


    Mad Pandas will be stealth launched, you can get on the whitelist early to get a guaranteed spot to mint. To qualify for a whitelist spot, make sure to verify and give yourself a role in our Discord. Then take part in our ongoing invite campaign. When you meet the required number of invites, you will automatically be given a new role and upgraded to the whitelist.


    Mad Pandas will be governed by the community which will give holders a say in the activities and investments Mad Pandas will make in the future.