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    QR RQ

    It’s a collection of 1024 unique 1/1 NFTs; each of them is a QR code. What’s behind them?! We’ll see! First, I should tell you about the name of this project, “QR RQ”. “QR” stands for “Quick Response”, and “RQ” stands for “Random Quote”.Yes, there’s a quote behind any of them. You can scan each of them and see the quote behind it. It can be your chance quote! I’ve created this collection to draw the attentions to the importance of concentration and also words. We live in a fast judging world. We’ve used to not discover anything. We want all things ready. We usually judge anything by its appearance. We should see the inside. And the other reason of creating such a collection is that I want to show the power of words. I think they’re powerful. It’s what we underestimate. Sometimes, a simple quote is able to change our lives if we think about it. I want you to decrypt any of these QR codes and see what’s behind; a simple quote or a philosophical quote. Just discover it.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice, We are unable to verify the claims and trustworthiness of any projects, stay safe and do your own research.

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