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    Slipstream Entanglement

    Cinematic still of a bespoke immersive video installation exhibited at Format Festival 2022. Slipstream: Entanglement is an abstract narrative created by artist Nancy Baker Cahill in three parts; referencing the body, the climate, and nature itself, inextricably entangled and interdependent. These artworks gesture toward the organic, as simulated fictions of botanical forms. Each chapter offers a familiar referent with no natural analog and each hybridized artwork toys with and dwells in the murky territories of consciousness. Slipstream artworks begin as graphite drawings on paper, launching a long odyssey of production. The drawings are torn and reconfigured into bespoke sculptural configurations. Documented as 3D objects, they are altered, lit and animated. These additive and subtractive transmutations embody a self-organizing logic.

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